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Hiring An Automation Equipment Contract Machine Builder: Understanding the Benefits

There are many advantages to hiring a contract machine builder when help is needed with automation equipment setup, upgrade, retrofit and maintenance. But when should you hire a contractor instead of training a member of your staff? What qualifications should you look for in a contract machine builder?

Today’s modern industrial facilities utilize automation and robotics equipment throughout all phases of production, assembly and warehousing. Though automation equipment reduces manual labor requirements, human interaction is critical to keeping those machines online and operating at peak efficiency. From programmable logic and motor controls, relays and timers, to hydraulic and pneumatic components choosing the right man or team for the job is paramount.

Training a Staff Member: Pros

  • Accessible during normal business hours
  • Familiar with your business on multiple levels

Training a Staff Member: Cons

  • May require overtime pay after hours or on weekends during an emergency
  • May require year-round pay to retain staff after training investment
  • May require staff benefits
  • Training courses will be ongoing to stay up on latest technologies
  • Most robotics certifications take 2 years to complete
  • In many cases robotics and automation equipment repairs will require multiple degrees and experience in various technologies including EOA tooling, hydraulics, electrical systems and more
  • May incur additional insurance risks and liabilities
  • Generally more expensive over time than hiring a contract machine builder as needed

Hiring a Contract Machine Builder: Pros

  • No training required
  • Contractor retains his own insurance and certifications
  • Highly qualified contractors have experience in a variety of areas
  • No overtime or benefits required
  • No ongoing contracts required, but are an option
  • Accessible 24 hours a day and for emergencies with international travel optional
  • Generally less expensive than hiring a full-time employee
  • Experience often translates to shorter turnaround times and fewer surprises, which means less downtime of your equipment and staff during upfit, maintenance and setup

Hiring a Contract Machine Builder: Cons

  • May be less familiar with your internal daily operations

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